An Intensive of how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

navigating the feelings of being human while working towards your dreams and goals 

Rather than shaming, suppressing, or blaming our emotions, we must learn how to navigate these inevitable consequences of being human. 

I'm scared but I keep going and that makes me brave

I'm scared but I keep going and that makes me brave

I'm scared but I keep going and that makes me brave


Bravery = acting in the face of fear

Confidence = bravery compounded over time

Therefore, confidence is simply fear looked in the face, over and over again.

Your fear is actually your own energy, waiting to be transmuted into power.


Being a human means being fucking scared. 

Having big goals comes with the requirement to own our fear and NOT let it win over our dreams. 


It means we can't let the “not enoughness”, the “idk how!”, the “I'm not in the mood” win.


But at the same time- you know that it comes up. It happens. You get rejected,  you suffer a loss, you go through heartache- LIFE HAPPENS. And life is going to CONTINUE to happen. It's going to continue to throw us curve balls. And it is our responsibility as individuals with big dreams, big goals, and big hearts, to take these curve balls like a champ.


This doesn't mean neglecting our emotions. This doesn't mean suppressing how we are feeling.


It actually means the opposite. It means knowing how to ACTUALLY process and hold space for these emotions. So we can move through these emotions and not let them rule us.


Making your dreams come true means learning how to navigate the emotions that come with being a human; the emotions that come with being scared, hurt, and down. Shit is GONNA hit the fan, and when it does- we need a muthafuckin game plan to give ourselves GRACE.


As high achievers and high performers with high standards, we didn't typically look at ourselves with compassion. We took the hardass mentality and pushed through. And sure, there's a time and place for that- but we must also learn to cultivate self compassion, self soothing techniques, and overall emotional regulation. We must know when to push through vs. when to really SIT with the chaos in our hearts. We must also learn HOW to sit with the chaos in our hearts- as this is new for us.


You know you were meant for ALL the things.

The BIG and BOLD sides of life.

And you know life comes at you fast when you go for your dreams.


So it's time to cultivate that deep sense of safety within and learn how to navigate the fear, the confusion, the rejection, and the disappointment that inevitably arises on the path towards full potential. 


This is a secret weapon of success- feeling the fear, holding space for the associated emotions- and doing it anyway.


And this is EXACTLY what we do in ROCK SOLID ENERGY.


Rock Solid Energy is Holding Your Center No Matter WHAT.

This is for the people who:

experience life, relationships, and feelings on a deep level

Don't Always feel heard by others in the depth of their emotions

have big dreams and goals and know they also have sensitive hearts

are ready to befriend fear in order to unlock the next version of themselves

 are looking to put in the work to get to the next level 

Half the battle of understanding your power, your, f*ck yeah energy- is understanding how to honor your sacred NO


When we know something on a soul level is a no, it requires bravery, courage, and strength to honor that. To set boundaries, to stand POWERFULLY in the difficult decision you must make in order to get to your next level.


This is the dark side of the heart 


And I don’t mean dark as in bad- darkness isn’t inherently bad…it just “is”…just like how night time isn’t “bad” or the side of the moon that is covered in shadow isn’t “bad”…it’s just… dark 


But a lot of times when we know something is fundamentally a “no” for us, but we’re not ready to let it go, we experience the dark heart- the notorious “ache” 🥀


The intensity of this pain can become unbearable, 1. Because it is f*cking hard and 2. Because we have not learned how to navigate the dark heart


The sorrow, the despair, the emptiness


These emotions are not wrong or bad- they’re just unfamiliar because we often times avoid the f*ck out of them


They are part of the process of mourning something that we planned on, that we likely became attached to, and therefore found safety in that thing (a promotion, a person/relationship, a plan of some sort)


The discord of reality, and what could have been, is when the dark heart reveals itself


When when the dark heart raises her voice, she is communicating a form of redirection from the soul


When the soul is asking you to redirect your efforts, attention, and focus, it often uses the dark heart to do its bidding


The brutality of this causes us to feel physically unsafe in our bodies, pits in our stomachs, contraction in our chest


Yet nevertheless, it is communication from Soul

Part of some bigger plan to take you where you are meant to go- even if you can’t see it- even if you’re blinded with sorrow- it IS part of the plan


Destruction precedes creation

You must first die in order to be reborn 


The void of the dark heart teaches us the elements of trust, surrender, & humility


Because when we are swallowed by that darkness, there is no other viable choice but to feel the depths of our emotions and trust the divine plan (or, wallow in self pity but we’re not doing that bc Idfw victim mindset #hardno)


The dark heart is an inevitable part of life, one that often times shows us what we’re made of, where we eventually emerge out of our chrysalis as a butterfly with new wings


Learning to navigate the darkness is an essential part to stepping into our power and full potential


This is why I have created ROCK SOLID ENERGY


This course is for anyone with a heart (Aka all y’all) and anyone with dreams and goals (if you're reading this- dats you)


We must learn to navigate the dark heart while continuing to show up for our dreams and goals


We must learn how to let a “no” become sacred, so that we can redirect back to the “f*ck yeah” inside of us and make the MUTHAFUCKING DREAM A REALITY


This is EXACTLY what we do together in ROCK SOLID ENERGY


We shine a LIGHT on the dark heart and welcome the feelings we were never taught how to navigate ourselves.


We don't let fear win and instead we learn to walk WITH fear and everything that comes with it.


Learn to befriend the darkness and the fear and watch how your dreams come true that much faster.


Become so rock solid in your own muthafucking energy that nothing and no one can stop you.


Learn how to

Honor Your Emotions While Going For the Dream

You're human, after all

Rock Solid Energy


Have Your Own Back


How to hold yourself through the hard times, the “bad place”, the difficult emotions with specific emotional regulation strategies.


 stand in your Power

Become confident, self assured, and rock solid in knowing exactly what you have to do in oder to feel centered and secure within.


Heal Your inner Child

 Specific strategies to process emotions around feelings of abandonment, loss, rejection, and neglect. Honor your boundaries (AKA your true NEEDS).


 stop People Pleasing

Make decisions from a place that is truly for YOU rather than from a place to be love and accepted by others.

Become Unshakable in Your Power and learn to have

Rock solid Energy


Limited Time Price

Following your f*ck yeah comes down to continual self trust, and relentless loyalty to the song inside of your heart. This is what rock solid energy is all about.